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Learn How to Work with Intensity Chart.

Intensity means the amount of effort a horse puts into a session.  It is helpful to know the intensity of your training as you are aiming towards a goal. For example, if you train a youngster or a green horse, in the first few months, longer sessions in low or moderate intensity may affect the horse’s fitness. However, for a horse that has been ridden longer, these sessions do not improve fitness anymore. The rider should implement high-intensity interval training if they wish to improve the horse’s fitness.

Your workout is assigned to one of three basic intensity categories. Depending on the speed, pace, type of movement, and biometric data of the horse, the training is analyzed and placed into a specific intensity category => Light / Moderate / Heavy.


The intensity graphics help you to evaluate and better adjust workload for your horse. When you have planned a session, this graphics gives you feedback on how hard it was for your horse, and therefore whether it did or did not accomplish the desired goal.

It can also work as a retrospection. You see the effort needed for the training session and the distribution of more challenging parts during the training. With these graphics, you can be sure your horse's workload is not too easy or, on the other hand, too demanding (the high peaks on your graphics should not be too long, and they should be followed by a period of lower intensity).

Learn more about intensity under the Training Intensity Ratio Graph.

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