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The Measured Data From My Sessions Are Not Correct. What Is the Problem?

Please have a look at the most common mistakes EQUIMO owners make that cause the wrong data collection.

  1. Wrong physical data of your horse - if you enter a wrong leg length, the height of jumps cannot be correct. If you enter a wrong weight (or body length + chest circumference), we cannot provide you with correct data of burnt calories, used energy, and intensity of the training. Please see How to add a new horse.
  2. EQUIMO tracker is not attached properly - EQUIMO tracker has to read the movement of a horse properly. For that reason, if the EQUIMO moves during training sessions, the output data cannot be correct (wrong gait and jumps recognition, and measures) . Please see How to fasten the EQUIMO tracker properly.
  3. You started the session tracking while moving - Every time you measure a session, the tracker calibrates the position you attached it to. It happens just after you click on “START”, and takes a few seconds. It is a good idea to start a training session before you saddle up, while a horse is calm.
  4. Weak or No GPS signal - if there is a weak GPS signal, the data we present are not precise and valid. For that reason, we rather do not show any data for speed, distance, elevation gain, and map.
    NOTE: Please make sure you have the location services enabled for the EQUIMO app.
  5. Type of horse - EQUIMO works for all horses including category B ponies.

If you have checked all the previous points and the problem persists, please contact us directly and we will fix it. Please see How can I contact the Equimo Support.


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