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Know Your Take-off and Landing Angles.

Take-off angle is a factor showing how far your horse has taken off in front of a fence. The bigger the angle, the more the horse rises. The smaller the angle is, the more they leap forward.

The right distance changes with the height of a fence, so it is impossible to determine one distance right for every jump. However, the take-off angle tells you the quality of your distance quite reliably. You can also compare your take-off angles and see how much they vary; thus, how much your distances vary. The right take-off angle starts between 15° and 25° with small jumps, and peaks between 40°and 45 ° when jumping high obstacles. Your angle will also vary depending on whether you are jumping a vertical or an oxer; verticals are jumped with more space, while the distances to oxers are usually shorter.

Landing angle should be approximately the same as the take-off angle because, under normal conditions, horses land in the same distance from the jump as they take off. For example, if your horse lands too far, it may cause a change in the parabola over a fence, which may lead to possible faults..

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