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How to Plan Your Training Sessions or the Whole Season.

The EQUIMO calendar is here to help you have all the things under control. Different icons visibly mark all the essential types of events, such as farrier or training sessions. However, these markings may not be helpful just for you. The calendar poses as a platform, where you can plan your whole training strategy and share it with all the important people. Your trainer can plan the dates and times of your sessions. When you are away from the stable, you can plan your horse’s sessions for your B-rider or plan duties for your groom... The options are endless, and it is only up to you to apply your organizing skills!

The EQUIMO calendar shows all the important events of a team:

  • Measured training sessions are shown in red color, planned training sessions in green and planned events in yellow.
  • The type of session or event is visible in the daily overview.
  • The most important events have their own icons for better clarity.
  • Plan a training session or an event in the upper right corner (+).

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