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How to Build a Team and Share Your Horses.

Over time, every active rider creates a team to reach the best results. These teams may be both big and small. Someone is happy with just a trainer, whereas other riders have several grooms, sponsors, riders, trainers, farriers, and an army of vets, physiotherapists, and chiropractors. Communication and awareness within a team are crucial. Meanwhile, the supervision of carrying out different tasks is only a part of the issue. EQUIMO also allows you to build and manage your team and plan your time and season effectively. 

  • Go to “My Team” (in the PROFILE tab) and click on “+” in the upper right corner
  • Choose the horse you want to share. You may add a team member for a particular horse, so one person does not have access to all your horses. (NOTE: At the moment, if you want to share more horses with one team member, you have to do it one by one.)
  • Add a team member. Identification of a user is made by their registration email which can be found in the user profile (NOTE: if a user is signed up via Apple ID, their email has been modified from the one used for an Apple account. You have to use this modified email.)
  • Assign a person their roles and rights - to ride, groom, edit feeding dosages, or keep an eye on training analysis.

NOTE: To share a horse, you can also start from the horse profile where you can find “Edit sharing settings” at the bottom.

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