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How to Add a New Horse?

While you are adding a new horse, there is some information you may but may not fill in - such as the horse’s gender, FEI number, place of birth, or feeding dose. However, there are some compulsory data, such as name or date of birth.
The app also needs you to add measurements of your horse. Three values are needed: body length, chest circumference, and leg length. You may also add the weight, if you know it, or let the app calculate it based on the body length and chest circumference. These values are essential for a precise analysis.

There is one other measurement: the step length. This number is needed for the Equitronome function - you put in your horse’s step length (3 meters, for example), and then choose the tempo you want to practice in the Equitronome setup below. However, you don’t need this setup for precise analysis, and you can complete this data anytime you want.

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