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Horse Profile; All Information About Your Horses in One Place.

You can find all the important information about your horse here. The information is divided into several categories. 

  • An overview of activities in the last 30 days: basic units, training intensity overview and calories management
  • List of all trainings and events
  • Highlighted important events from the calendar
  • Basic information about your horse including biometric data, which are very important for training analysis, and the detail of a feeding dose
  • Equitronome setting (individual for each horse) Learn more
  • Information about users who have access to this horse - you can also share a horse with other users here

When you first set up a new horse’s profile, your app asks you to measure the body length, chest circumference, leg length, and other data. These data are essential for an accurate analysis, so make sure you measure them well!

Another item is feeding. Our app offers to write down your horse’s meals, including hay. Where are the goods of this? For starters, you have an idea about your horse’s dosages, as EQUIMO counts the summary of your horse’s daily feed weight and calories. Secondly, everyone seeing your horse knows what they eat, even if you are not present. And last but not least, you see the comparison of your horse’s consumed and burned calories and know for sure whether you need to change your training or feeding approach.

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